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The end of the party is near. It’s almost time for cake. The hostess comes out bearing a tray of beautiful cupcakes. They are heaped high with billowy frosting that you can almost taste. Everyone sings a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday, and then turn their attention to the delectable little cakes.

And that’s where the problems start.

Do you eat the frosting first? Do you peel off the paper and eat the cake? Do you dislocate your jaw trying to get a balanced amount of each into your mouth at once?

Well, you don’t need to torture yourself any more. Those days are over, because Jorge Garcia, better known in TV Land as Hurley from LOST, has opened my eyes to a new and better way to eat cupcakes.

I bring you, the cupcake sandwich:

Jose Garcia Cupcake Sandwich

Less mess and better balance of cake and frosting. I can’t wait to make cupcakes to try out this technique.

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