Last month in a fit of pique over having to read the same picture books over and over again I decided to try something new – a chapter book. A real chapter book from my own childhood. I can’t take credit for going out and carefully selecting a book after discussing it carefully with a professional. Instead the kids begged me to buy the movie Stuart Little and I suddenly remembered that for some odd reason we had a brand new copy of the book on the shelf at home. I distracted them with snippets of what I remembered from the book and we hurried home to start reading it.

Well, first we finished shopping, went home, had dinner, took a bath, got ready for bed, but then we started reading it. Which is when I realized that I didn’t remember Stuart Little all that well.

The story is fun and the chapters are designed as mini-tales, but the language is a bit dated as are the references. I’m ad-libbing as we go along, replacing concepts that would take twenty minutes to explain with things that my girls will understand. The language is a bit advanced for my 5 and 3-year-old, but they’re hanging in there, learning, like I did, to deduct meaning from context.

We’re about halfway through the book and I’m thrilled to report that they’ve been asking for the next installment of the odd little mouse-child’s adventures. I’m also thinking ahead to the next book we’ll explore together. I’m hesitating between the quirky adventures of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and her friends or the more magical adventures of Roahl Dahl’s BFG, two books I’ve been patiently waiting to share with my children ever since they were first born.

Reading Chapter Books

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