Planning the Year Ahead

It’s the middle of summer and yet, I find myself calendar in hand, planning events months out almost every day.

“No, Wednesdays are bad, we have soccer, how about Thursdays?” is a common phrase these days as we juggle after-school activities, recurring play dates, doctor’s appointments, and all the other things that fill up a mom’s calendar. Even as I’m still searching for the errant water-wing or buying yet another tube of sunscreen, I know exactly what days are still available for my husband and I to plan a date in October and what weeks are completely blacked out.

All of this crucial information is carefully penned into the family calendar which resides on the fridge, my personal planner, which lives in my purse, and on an online calendar that no one ever checks, but that makes me feel a bit less likely to forget some important event. After all, it would be a shame to miss the back-to-school ice cream social or the first mother’s group meeting!

How do you keep your family organized during the school year?

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