To put it mildly my husband has had a challenging month. This morning in the car as I related to yet another friend what was going on, my daughter displayed some classic signs of being fed up with my endless phone chatter. I said some hasty goodbyes and turned my attention on my young daughter.

After a failed attempt to rally her out of her grumpy mood with my usual comedy routine, I gave in to extreme measures and appealed to her sense of fun.

“How are we going to make Father’s Day extra special this year?”

I braced myself for the “It’s not fair that there’s no kid’s day.” rant I got when I last mentioned Mother’s Day and was pleasantly surprised to see her face light up.

By the time we got to school the plan was to take a sneaky secret hike to go get daddy some wildflowers that we would put in a vase decorated with pictures of bagels, ukuleles and peanut butter cups.  Breakfast would consist of blueberry pancakes, lunch would be his favorite crepes (but the kids would eat hot dogs) and dinner would be at a fun restaurant where we could all get whatever made us happy. As for desert, clearly, we’d all share some peanut butter cups.

We have time to finesse the schedule, but I’m happy that our Father’s Day plans are already in motion. Now let’s see if she takes the hint and tries to plan an equally awesome Mother’s Day when she’s in the car with daddy. After all, I like wildflowers too!

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