This weekend we attended our first ever pumpkin carving party. We set the children up with permanent markers and let them decorate the pumpkins at will, then the parents stepped in, rolled up their sleeves and started cutting.

For the last five years we’ve gotten away with painting pumpkins, which I always thought was a terribly messy craft. Now that we’ve actually gone in with knives and scoopers I know that paint is the less messy option. Yet, the sheer delight reflected in all the little eyes was well worth the mess and the exertion. And the end result makes the girls beam with pride every time we pass our front stoop.

This year our pumpkins will have glowing eyes and will light the way for little trick-or-treaters and next year I think we might be the ones hosting a pumpkin carving party! Hopefully this Halloween party invitation will let people know what fun they’re in for!

Pumpkin Face Halloween Party Invitation by Tiny Prints

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