Smile for the Dentist

When I was little I went to the same dentist as my parents. His office was pretty typical—white walls, big green chair, glaring lights. Not exactly a warm and comforting environment!

Needless to say I was never a fan of the dentist, not that my cavity pockmarked teeth helped at all. I’m happy to say that my children are benefitting from a radically different dental experience. In fact, they love going so much that this morning the youngest one was crying because we didn’t get to go again.

I understand why they love it so, if I could go see their dentist I’d want to go every day too! The rooms are cozy with stuffed animals adorning the shelves and bright pictures decorating the walls. Four exam chairs share one space, making the whole adventure more relaxed and comforting. Best part of all, there are TVs attached to the ceiling so the kids have something to watch as the dentist looks at their teeth (they wear sunglasses to dim the glare from the bright lights). And when all’s said and done they get to choose a prize from the treasure chest.

Awesome right?

Of course, it helps that they inherited their father’s teeth. He’s never had a cavity in his life. I’m sure they’d be a little less enthusiastic if there was a drill involved.

Lucie at the pediatric dentist

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