Sock Angst Resolved

Post by Jessica R.

Somewhere on an deserted island sits a huge, massive, unbelievable pile of socks. That’s the only solution possible really. How else can you explain the mounds of missing and single socks that have gone missing over the years? They can’t have just vanished.

One mama got tired of playing find-the-sock and she invented a brilliant solution to both the sock-falling-off-the-baby problem and the missing-sock problem.

Behold Stay With Me Socks:

Stay With Me Socks

When does the grown-up version come out?

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2 Responses

  1. Gail says:

    For all socks, you can use safety pins to keep them together or use a mesh lingere bag to keep them from getting stolen by the laundry monsters!

    Fresh Ideas For A Fresh Start…www.afreshstartorganizing.net/blog

  2. Jordan Blake says:

    That is true but I don’t keep safety pins or mesh bags around and would have to purchase those as well. So… if I have to buy something it may as well be these cute little socks! Great idea, I love ’em! But solids would be a great addition to the line…

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