When the weather finally turned cold enough that I knew long sleeves would be required wear for a few months I packed up the girls’ summer dresses, tucking them away in a drawer deep in their closet.

This week the sun has — at long last — decided to make a comeback, treating us to 80F weather a mere week after a month-long freezing rainstorm. The girls quickly rebelled against their winter-wear and I  found myself digging through that drawer to find some summer dresses for them to wear.

I pulled out their favorite dresses and, after quickly checking the sizes, helped them get dressed.

On both girls, dresses that were a perfectly adequate length just six months ago looked like minis. It wasn’t shocking enough that I couldn’t let them wear these finds, but it is a sign that it might be time to update everyone’s wardrobes. It’s a shame. I was particularly fond of dressing them almost like twins.

Sisters almost dressed the same

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