Summer Playdates

Somewhere along the way a parent decided that it would make sense for preschoolers to get together for a play-date or two during the summer. The goal of this exercise is to make sure that the kids have some familiar faces when they start school in the fall so the whole event is less stressful.

One parent in our class has wholeheartedly embraced this concept. Within hours of receiving the class list way back in May she had already emailed everyone and set up a first play-date. Her organization and zeal amazed me. This was a mom who was determined to make sure her son was surrounded by familiar faces on his first day of school.

I wasn’t able to attend that first play-date, nor any of the seven that have taken place since that day. I’ve seen the RSVP emails fly by, names of kids and moms I haven’t yet met and I wonder if by sitting out this flurry I’m doing my daughter a disservice.

My original thought was to spare her any unnecessary school anxiety, by embracing summer and holding off on school prep. September will be here soon enough, and I’ll be in class with her the first two days to facilitate the transition. And to be honest, I don’t really believe that running around a park is the best way for preschoolers to bond, so I didn’t really worry about it.

Now that school is around the corner though, I wonder if I maybe should have made an effort once or twice. Maybe it would have been good for me to meet some of the moms, see some of the kids. Maybe it would make school seem a bit more real to my daughter. Or maybe I could remember that they’re three and that they make friends in a heartbeat and that, instead of spending countless mornings standing around awkwardly with moms I don’t know, we made the most of our summer.

Three Preschoolers

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  1. krellpw says:

    I expect your daughter will do fine. I agree that at that age, they’ll bond pretty quick. Plus the key in my mind is the leadership and example that the teacher sets, which you can’t duplicate in a play date without their participation.

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