When we first decided to move the girls into a bunk bed to free up some space in their room I spent a delightful hour at Pottery Barn Kids drooling over the beautiful shinny white beds they had on display. Everything from the perfectly sculpted headboards to the adorable bedding charmed me and made me dream of tucking my girls into their matching beds.

The sight of the price tag woke me right up and sent me on a wild Internet hunt for a bed that would fulfill my fantasy without draining my wallet.

The bed I finally found was delivered on Friday. In boxes. Unfinished. Nothing like I had dreamed except for the non-wallet draining part.

Instead of pointing the Pottery Barn delivery guy in the direction of the children’s room with one lazy flick of the hand, this weekend found us all in our grungiest clothes, brandishing paint-brushes in the back yard. We slathered the bed in thick white paint, missing a few times and covering each other in almost as much paint as we got onto the wood. Each brushstroke is painfully noticeable and there are dried globs of paint on each lat.

Sleek and shiny it is not.

Yet, this morning my oldest quietly thanked me for letting her help paint the bed. Then the youngest thanked me for letting her help pick the colors. And I let go of my image of the perfect bed.

Their bed won’t be fit for a catalog, it’ll have splotches and odd brush marks. The pink and purple lats probably won’t be the neatest on the block (nor will they match that adorable bedding). But they’ll both feel a sense of ownership and pride over their bed that they would never have felt if I’d laid down my credit card and bought the first bed I saw. It’s just a different kind of perfect.

Pottery Barn Kids Bunk Bed

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  1. rbucich says:

    Jack got a new bed over the weekend too. Believe it or not, he was still in a crib, partly because he liked it so much and never tried to climb out. We recently removed one side, replaced with a simple barrier so he wouldn’t fall out but the writing was on the wall.

    We finally got him a single bed which had been sitting un-assembled in boxes in the garage. Poos guy was so disappointed it wasn’t a bunk bed, he really had his heart set on one despite not having a sibling. Naturally he wanted to sleep up top.

    Seems to finally like it now though.

  2. What a heartwarming article! A lot of the finer things in life are the ones that we share or do with our children. They may not always be perfect or the ones that we had our heart set on, but they are to me, contain more sentimental value that money can never buy.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  3. homedecorpro says:

    Great story! Some moments can’t be store bought that’s for sure. Memories are priceless.

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  5. Beverly says:

    What a beautiful story. I agree with homedecorpro that some moments can’t be store bought. It sounds like you have the perfect bunk bed now and some perfect memories to go with it.

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