Guess what everyone in my family is getting for Christmas? This year we’re giving a wonderful photo book of our special Thanksgiving together in California. It was a standout celebration—the whole family on my husband’s side came out from Texas and my folks joined us from Southern California.

My plan was to surreptitiously take photos of each person, each family and of all of us together. It wasn’t always easy to get everyone to smile for the camera! I know I was giving myself away when my husband’s aunt said to me “Oh, aren’t you just a little reporter!” in her charming Texan accent.

It was all worth the effort when I sat down to make the book with so many great pictures. This was only my second photo book project, and I chose to try the new Custom Path this time. The Custom Path allowed me to add text boxes, embellishments and photos into my pages wherever I wanted. I also was inspired by the idea pages to try lots of fun new things, like adding a recipe from our dinner that had been a big hit.

I had fun making this photo book, and I think everyone will enjoy this memento of our terrific Thanksgiving gathering. Is making or giving photo book part of your holiday plan this year, too?

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