Unexpected Excitement

The calls, or in this case texts, never come when you expect them. In fact, it’s usually at a really inopportune moment. Like in the middle of a lunch meeting.

“She ran into the swing and knocked her tooth lose.”

My daughter is 3. A little young to be losing a tooth, not to mention that her sister would be livid if her younger sibling lost a tooth before any of hers fell out. I hesitated before replying, but visions of a gap toothed smile for a long three years made me cut my meeting short.

I called the dentist on my way to the daycare and in no time the offending tooth had been x-rayed. Not broken, just a little lose was the verdict. With luck it won’t even turn gray.

Even when everything aligns and our days feel smooth, there’s always an element that can go wrong turning everything topsy turvy.

Our day ended with an ice cream cone to dull the pain and a cuddle on the couch to soothe everyone’s nerves. Tonight we’ll focus on resting and going to bed early. Who knows what surprises tomorrow will bring!

Pediatric dentist visit

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