When we send our little ones out into the world, to school, a drop-off play-date, or even a field trip,  it’s always reassuring to tuck a little note containing all your pertinent contact information into their pocket.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find a piece of paper and a pen at just the right moment. Slightly doctored Tiny Prints business cards can take the place of emergency contact cards and are easy to stash anywhere you might need them in an instant — your car, your purse, or even  that messy drawer next to the fridge.

The cards are easy to make, and with the large range of business cards available on the site, you can make cards that perfectly reflect your family’s personal style.

Start by browsing the business cards on the site and find the one you like best. Some can even feature family photos. Customize the text to show all of your important numbers and information that anyone caring for your kids might need. Finalize and place your order. And there you have it, classy cards to keep everyone connected and safe! Just another way to start off the year on the right foot.

Business Cards as Emergency Contact Cards

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