As we’re approaching the warmer weather, these darling fruit skewers are the perfect party treat.  Easy to make and fun to display; fruit skewers are great healthy snacks for both kids and adults. Whether you’re throwing a royal themed party or a Princess inspired celebration, create these fruit skewers in the shape of wands for your next party, cookout, or soiree. Lary from Inspiration Nook shows us just how easy it is to make the most beautiful fruit skewers that also act as a dazzling wand for your royal guests! Get inspired with these edible princess party ideas! 

Princess Fruit Wands DIY

What more fun to add to a princess party than fruit wands? I believe every princess needs her own wand so the minute I saw the fun Princess Collection I knew I had to make them. They are super easy to put together and everyone will love them. Even the adults HA! Are you ready for this? Let’s go!

princess party edible fruit wand with heart shaped watermelon and blueberries pink napkins in background


  • Watermelon
  • Blueberries
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Cookie cutters

watermelon blueberries cookie cutters and wooden sticks


  1. Cut out slices of watermelon, thick enough for you to create shapes using your cookie cutters.
  2. Once you have a few shapes ready, slide your fruit on your skewers alternating the fruit as you wish. That’s it! I told you these were easy!

The fun thing about these is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing both shapes and fruit. Cannot wait to make them using pineapple and strawberries next. I just loved the mix of “purple” and “pink” for this round.

What do you think? Will these be making an appearance at your next Princess party?

princess party two edible fruit wands with watermelon and blueberries

princess party edible fruit wand skewers with white flowers and personalized napkins that say celebrate

up close princess diy fruit wand with heart shaped watermelon and blueberriesFeatured Tiny Prints Celebrate Napkins: Carefree Occasion Napkin

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Kim from NewlyWoodwards is here to share her fun 90th birthday ideas and decorations honoring a man who loves baseball and beer. She let’s us know what went into planning the celebration and with the theme picked out for the birthday boy, all that was left was the party décor. With endless party decoration ideas out there it can be hard to find a special piece that is unique and fun. Kim is here with a piece that doubles as a decoration and a gift for her grandfather!  Follow her steps to create your own DIY baseball diamond that is perfect for a 90th birthday party and is sure to hit a home run! 

My grandpa recently turned 90 years old. For my family, that means it was time to celebrate.

The man of honor loves baseball and beer, so we decided it would be a home run theme for the party.

The beer and ball party invitations were the perfect way to set the tone – and the photo postage stamps made my grandpa the talk of the town. (We told him that when you turned 90, you had earned your own stamp.)

beer and baseball birthday party invitations and personalized postage stamp

For the day of the party, I wanted to put a little piece of art together for the wall as you entered the party space.

So I created this simple piece that also made a great gift for my grandpa. (It also makes a great alternative to a wreath on a door.)

diy baseball diamond with a baseball number 90 for a 90th birthday party

To make, I started with a 12×12 wooden canvas from the craft store. I stained it and then added a baseball field stencil. (You could also trace this shape and freehand the painting.)

diy baseball diamond green paint brush and outine

I used two colors of paint for the elements of the field and then removed the stencil to show the stain beneath.

diy baseball diamond in the making white stencil  of the field

I added the precut numbers (from a craft store) and painted red stitching onto them.

In all, this project took less than 30 minutes of hands-on time, but it was a great addition to the birthday party décor.

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