Fall is right around the corner and it’s time to head inside for some earthy tones and autumn foliage! The fall season is the perfect opportunity to entertain your family and friends so it’s important to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Once you’ve put away the water guns and closed up the grill, decorating your home with fall décor can be quite difficult. However, we’ve scoured the web for 10 crafty and creative ideas that are likely to inspire your home’s upcoming transition. You can get artsy with a nature-inspired DIY project or you can use an easy accent item to enhance your current set-up. Either way, any of these ideas are bound to add an inviting touch to your homestead!

Fall Decorating Ideas from Around the Web:

Tree-Branch Coasters

DIY Tree-Branch Coasters for Coffee Table

Photo Source: Family Sponge

Egg knog and apple cider most certainly call for coasters. Family Sponge has the perfect idea on how to take your coasters to the next level for fall.  You can change the way your coffee table looks in the fall by using an over-sized branch to make your own coasters. The style adds a simple and cozy touch to your family room.

Pillow Accents

Personalized Pillows with Love Anniversary Photo

Photo Source: Tiny Prints Blog

Adding cute pillows to your seating arrangement is an easy way to make your home feel more warm! A personalized pillow can add a family touch or even serve as a conversation piece when you have company. Add multiple pillows and use different fall colors from a palette in order to make your home feel even more snug. Your dining room chairs or your breakfast nook just might become the new hot spot after you try this idea out.

Autumn Centerpiece

Tree-Branch centerpiece with pumpkins and pinecones

Photo Source: Jenna Burger

Jenna Burger’s fall-inspired centerpiece is one of our favorite DIY projects on the web. Jenna creatively uses pinecones, petite pumpkins, and leaves to surround a branch that she found in her very own neighborhood. You can use this idea to spice up your dining room without overloading your table with too much décor!

Fireplace Mantel Decorations

White fireplace mantel with candles and photographs

Photo Source: Tidbits and Twine

A home’s fireplace mantel is typically the center of attention for any major room in your home. You can decorate your mantel with candles, thoughtful artwork, and little trinkets that remind you of everything you love about fall! Tidbits and Twine used this creative symmetrical style  to create an elegant autumn look.

Gold Painted Decorative Logs

Gold Painted Decorative Logs

Photo Source: Crafts By Courtney

Nothing screams “Fall” louder than storing logs inside your home! However, you can give your traditional bin of logs a chic makeover with gold paint. We found this modern DIY project on Crafts by Courtney and it won’t take up too much of your time to finish. You can even go for a bold look with the use of metallic colors.

Pressed Leaves in Picture Frames

Pressed Autumn Leaves in Picture Frames

Photo Source: Wit & Whistle

Fall leaves represent the Autumn season at its very best! You can gather some beautiful leaves from your own backyard and press them between books for a week. Once the leaves are flat, you can frame them and add a natural element to your home. Wit & Whistle offer some great tips on how to achieve this idea.

Gold Painted Pumpkins

DIY Gold Painted Pumpkins and Flower Decor

Photo Source: New House New Home New Life

We love this painted pumpkin idea from New House New Home New Life! Painting pumpkins is a quick and easy way to turn a Halloween symbol into an expensive-looking decoration. You can set up a table at the front door and use a painted pumpkin in your set-up. Your family and friends will feel greeted as soon as they walk through the door, especially if you add some fall treats!

Card-Holder Tree

Wooden Card Holder Tree with Family Photo Cards

Photo Source: Happy Scraps

Family photographs for the holiday season don’t have to go to waste! Order your photo cards early and use them to create a nice card-tree that can stand tall throughout the entire fall season. We might try this cute idea from Happy Scraps for ourselves.

Memorable Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall with Canvas and Metal Prints

Photo Source: Tiny Prints Blog

Fall is a season made for memories! Why not turn your wall into a stroll down memory lane? The Tiny Prints blog shows off this beautiful wall gallery full of family canvas and metal prints. You can use a wall gallery in your home to highlight some of the memories that you cherish the most. Feel free to mix & match styles to create a unique display.

Painted Candle Holders

Orange and Black Painted Candle Holders

Photo Source: Unusually Lovely

Candles come in handy during the Fall season with the onset of cold weather. You can use craft paint to give your candle holders a makeover with neutral autumn colors. Diana of Unusually Lovely painted glass candle holders with small orange, light yellow, and black leaves. These will make any table go from bland to adorable in five minutes!

We also can’t forget about all of the wonderful fall color options to choose from when you’re using any of the above decorating ideas! According to Traditional Home, these colors will complete your home:

  • Burnt Red
  • Mossy Green
  • Off-White
  • Cream
  • Shades of Brown
  • Pearl
  • Teal
  • Gold
  • Cinnabar
  • Paprika
  • Bronze
  • Copper

Once you’ve prepared for your home to be in the autumn spotlight, creating the perfect space for your family and friends will be easier than planning Thanksgiving dinner.

What are some of your favorite tips for fall decorating ideas?

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Baby showers are a special moment in any expectant mother’s journey to motherhood and we’re here to lend a hand! We’ve selected a beautiful pink and teal baby shower theme to make the honoree’s occasion unique and memorable, inspired by our adorable Watercolor Rattle invitations. Creative dessert tables, centerpieces, and color coordination ideas will inspire you to think outside of the box when deciding on the perfect baby shower theme.

Pink and Teal Baby Shower

Photo Source: Mason Jar | Dessert Table | Rattle Cake Pops | Favor Box

Featured Tiny Prints Baby Shower Invitation: Watercolor Rattle | See our full collection of baby shower invitations here.

Tablescape: An elaborate dessert tablescape full of colorful macaroons and different-sized cakes is a creative way to display your color scheme. Since the baby shower invitation colors primarily consist of pink and teal, pink macaroons and blue picture frames complete this decadent look!

Mason Jar: We’re obsessed with this painted and distressed teal mason jar! Mason jars are on trend right now and there are countless DIY projects that they can be used for. You can incorporate a mason jar in your baby shower set-up by creating lovely centerpieces to brighten up your table decor.

Party Favors: You can also choose a colorful party favor box to make your baby shower colors standout. We chose a chic blue favor box with an ivory ribbon to match the color palette of the watercolor invitation.

Rattle Cake Pops: Rattle cake pops are a cute way to turn your baby shower treats into the highlight of your event! Cake pops work great for any baby shower theme and your guests will remember this fun and creative touch long after they finish eating.

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