Little boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails, but what are their birthday parties made of?! From super hero themed to race cars, pirates and cowboys, the list of birthday party possibilities seems to go on and on.  With so many kids birthday party themes out there it can be hard to pick the perfect one for you and your birthday boy. This is the day that your little man has been looking forward to all year so of course, there’s pressure to throw an unforgettable birthday celebration. If you’ve come for some inspiration for a fun birthday party theme, then you’re in the right place.

Get ready to hop on the birthday express train of fun! We have train birthday party ideas and inspiration that will give you a jump start into all of your planning.  There is no stopping mom when it comes to putting together a boy-perfect birthday bash and this train birthday party will have your little guest of honor lined up with a first class ticket. From the adorable invitations to the conductor wear, this train themed birthday party will have you on the right track for a fun birthday celebration!

train birthday party ideas for kids red and blue themed with a train invitation conductor hats and a dessert table

Photo Source: Hats & Bandanas | Red Lanterns | Dessert Table | Train Favor

Featured Tiny Prints Birthday Party Invitation: Birthday Express-Sea Blue. See our full collection of birthday party invitations here.

  • Hats & Bandanas: Nothing says, “All aboard the birthday express,” quite like conductor hats and bandanas for the little guests. Make the party theme come to life and really get the guests included with these super cute outfit details!
  • Red Lanterns: These party décor touches give the celebration a vintage feel. The red lanterns not only go with the color scheme, but also add a bit of sophistication to the party.
  • Dessert Table: What is a birthday party without a dessert table? These sweet treats will keep your party guests chugging along! Showing off your desserts is also a great piece of décor for the party. With all of the cute cupcake and cake decorations available these days, it would be a shame to not show them off!
  • Train Favor: Your guests at this train birthday bash will definitely appreciate this adorable party favor that the kids can play with for years to come!

Party planning is a lot of work and many times the hardest part can be picking a theme and adding all of the details. We hope this train birthday party inspiration has you on the fast track to planning the perfect party! Your little one is sure to be blown away!

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Today we are welcoming back Sarah Jane from Clean & Proper with tips on throwing the perfect tailgating party, including sending football party invitations to all your guests.

Schools are gearing up for the new season, which can only mean one thing—football season is almost here! As a graduate of the University of Alabama, I take my tailgating very seriously. I also have a bit of experience. This year, I’m stepping it up with proper invitations to mark the occasion.

My husband is former Air Force and I come from a long line of naval officers, so this year’s Navy vs. Air Force game is a must-see in my family. I’m thrilled to see it will be a home game for us this year, so to celebrate my husband and I are throwing a tailgating party to mark the occasion.

football party invitations

I love hosting all sorts of events, but tailgating is certainly the most relaxed of the bunch. Don’t let that fool you though—necessities shouldn’t be overlooked and nor should these must-haves:


This may seem obvious, but tickets are definitely a must-have! But do think about your crowd. A lot of our friends are military, which means many of them won’t know their availability until the week of the game. Taking that into consideration, we’re encouraging everyone to buy the lawn tickets. They rarely sell-out and it makes coordinating sitting together practically effortless. If your crowd is better at scheduling and is just the right size, why not spring for a section of seats in the stadium so you have a designated place to sit.

Football Party Invitations

I’m a sucker for stationery, so any excuse to mail a printed invitation marking the occasion is right up my alley. This is also a great way to build enthusiasm for your team and your tailgate. There are lots of party invitation options available through Tiny Prints, including stationery sets that include matching address labels and envelopes.

football party invitations Featured Tiny Prints football party invitation: Pregame Pennants.


I say this with a bit of humor. The only decorations necessary are a few pom poms, table cloth and plates and napkins. All in your team’s colors of course! Fancy it up a bit by add a couple small arrangements of flowers. As an Alabama fan, this is easy for me—I just need a red or white arrangement! If you want want a lot of supplies lingering after your tailgate, use party cups as your vase.

Beverages & Snacks

You can’t have a tailgate without the proper refreshments or treats for your guest. Depending on your hostess-style, this is the perfect event to make potluck-style. Perhaps even provide the main course and encourage your guests to bring sides and desserts. Before buying beverages, do research the rules about alcohol at your tailgate. Some stadiums allow alcohol in proper parking spaces, but no alcohol inside the stadium; and vice versa.

Setup Supplies

Equally as important as all the other must-haves, do not forget your setup supplies! By this I mean any chairs, tables, utensils, paper goods and trash collecting materials such as a bag for recycling and one for garbage. Bring only the bar necessities, if possible, to streamline your cleanup process before the game.

Above all else, remember to have fun and be safe!

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