You can never go wrong with a neutral color scheme when you’re designing your nursery for you and baby! Shades of white and off-white are always beautiful and timeless, allowing your nursery to evolve as your newborn grows. Find stylish and easy neutral nursery ideas below to inspire your nursery décor and design.

stylish neutral nursery ideas and inspiration

Photo Sources: Bunny Mobile | Chair | Elephant Lamp | Stool and Crib | Nursery Decor

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Bunny Mobile: How cute is this bunny mobile? Transform this traditional nursery item by going with a contemporary mobile that doesn’t overpower the rest of your nursery design.

Chair: Choose a simple and modern rocking chair paired with a comfy blanket to stylishly  add seating that complements your nursery design.

Elephant Lamp: Add interest and charm to your nursery with a cute and chic baby animal lamp.

Stool: Just because you’re designing a neutral nursery doesn’t mean that you can’t add a bit of fun to your nursery plans. Try incorporating different textures throughout your nursery, such as this plush and furry stool.

Crib: Go for a darker neutral colored crib such as this grey crib! You can then mix and match off-white bedding to contrast with your crib color.

Nursery Décor: Stock up on creative and spirited trinkets for your newborn that symbolize the special bond you have. Cute bunnies, animal figurines, and wall décor help to make any nursery original.

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Hey, all! Happy Friday. We are so excited to share with you these ahh-dorable birthday photos. There is nothing we ‘do-nut’ like more than a baby’s birthday smash cake especially when it’s done doughnut style. Smash cakes are an important part to any child’s first birthday party or second birthday or any young year for that matter. The cake smash not only makes for the perfect photo opportunity of your little one, but is also a great way to incorporate your child in his or her party (aka a great way to avoid the guest of honor falling asleep at the soirée.)

This single serving plate of deliciousness results in a face full of frosting, sprinkles and a whole lot of smiles. Beware that there may be some heavy duty clean up to follow, but we promise that it’ll all be worth it. Another thing to remember is that you don’t necessarily need to use a cake. We are loving this doughnut smash cake idea. Enjoy!

little girl on first birthday

Did someone say smash cake…

up close of little girls hands together on big pink dress

Patiently waiting…

donut smash cake ideas

1,2,3, GO

first birthday smash cake ideas

smash cake ideas

babys first birthday cake

little girl cake smash

little girl first birthday donut cake smash

little girl eating donut cake

little girl eating donut with frosting all over her hands

little girl looking at frosting on her hands from smash cake

cake smash first birthday ideas

From the Photographer…

This little girl was turning two years old, so her mommy and I planned this cake smash session for her. I thought that doughnuts for a cake smash session would be unique, instead of an actual cake or cupcake. Her mom got her some adorable outfits to wear for the cake smash. We were going for a pastel look, so she decorated the doughnuts in pretty pale pink and lilac icing with candy sprinkles.

This little girl was in such great spirits eating her doughnuts, all the while smiling and laughing through the whole photo shoot. She also had fun pushing over the cake pedestal with the doughnuts toppling over. I think it also had to do with the fact that she is older and a bit more used to sweet things, unlike one-year-old babies. Whatever the reason, I’m happy that I was able to get lots of nice smiles from her.

frosting all over hands at smash cake party

1st birthday cake made with donuts all over little girls hands

licking fingers cake smash ideas

little girl all smiles at cake smash

donuts falling over off of white plate at cake smash

donuts a mess on the wood floor


Photographer: Black Lamb Photography  // Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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