Get in the holiday spirit with this DIY by Ursula from Kraft & Mint!

Tiny Prints inspired wire wreath

Tiny Prints Floral Season Holiday Card

The Holidays will be in full swing and now is the time to try a new craft! Inspired by Tiny Prints new winter botanicals holiday collection, I’m elated to show how I made this garland for my home.

How to make a wire wreath steps

I’ve been working with gold craft supplies for a while. Gold brings warmth and sparkle which in my mind embodies the attributes I think of when I imagine my home decorated for Christmas. The design process for this garland went like this:

1. I perused Tiny Prints holiday cards collection. I have to admit; it was hard to choose one greeting card to draw inspiration from and develop my project. I went back and forth between this card and the card shown above on this post. However, the color gold won me over. I searched online for gold wire and gold leaves. I had a pretty good picture in my mind of I wanted to accomplish. Finally, I found exactly the materials I was looking for!

2. I purchased three yards of a wire leaf garland and divided it into three parts using a pair of pliers.

3. Moreover, I used a flat pair of pliers and fashioned the garland into a circular shape twice.

4. Then I sewed three white felt balls around the garland. These little balls added a soft element to the industrial look of the wire.

5. The leafs hung from the garland and with my hands I bent each one of them to follow the circular shape.

Once I was satisfied with each leaf’s direction I tested my garland in my living room. Finally, I made two more garlands following the steps I just described for you.

Wire Wreath

Thank you Tiny Prints for having me over to share my garland wreath with your lovely readers! Hope you have an excellent holiday season!

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