It’s that time of year again to decorate with bright lights and festive colors. If you’re still looking for ways to decorate your home this season, this simple and classic DIY by Debbie from Party Patisserie will definitely help you get into the holiday spirit!

Every year, I love to change my Christmas decorating theme. That’s partly because I love the challenge of starting over with a new idea and, because I host the whole family every year, I like the decorations to be new and fresh.

This year I took my inspiration from Tiny Prints’ adorable Christmas card, Joyful Brilliance.

Kids hugging holiday card

The word “joy” is such a cherished Christmas sentiment, so I thought it would be perfect to make a tabletop or mantle display using the large bold letters that are so popular now.

Gift tag with photo on it

Wrapping the letters in white and silver metallic yarn provided the warm, textural look I was after.

Here’s what you need to make them:

  • Silver & white metallic yarn
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper-mache letters

What y ou need JOY DIY


1. Tape the end of the yarn to the back of the letter.

Step one of Joy letters DIY

2. Wrap the yarn tightly around the letter.

Step two of Joy letters DIY

3. Continue wrapping tightly until the whole letter is covered.

Step three of Joy letters DIY

4. To finish, cut off the yarn leaving just enough to tie to the back. You can tape or glue it if you prefer.

Step four of Joy letters DIY

5. The letters “J” and “Y” take a little more patience. I first wrapped the sections of the letters with double-sided tape, which held the yarn in place perfectly when wrapping. If you prefer the letters to be a little fuller, just wrap them twice.

That’s it!

DIY Joy Letters

I put them on the mantle, and to keep with my inspiration, I added some woodland animals, trees and ornaments.

DIY JOY letters for decorating

I had a few Christmas cards left over, so I cut them into a square and circle and attached them to little gift boxes to complete the vignette. No wasting Christmas cards here!

Holiday decorations with racoon and presents

Gift and gift tag with photo of kids on it

Holiday Racoon

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Every year people send out beautiful holiday cards to their friends and family. Need ideas for how to display these cards? Sarah from Boxwood Clippings shares this easy DIY that will help you showcase the lovely cards from your friends and family!

Good morning everyone! This is Sarah over from Boxwood Clippings, here to share a really cute and easy way to display your Holiday cards.

Every year when my notice board gets filled to the brim with all the lovely Christmas cards I get a little discouraged that they are blocking each other, and not getting the proper display they deserve.
This year I’ve decided to hang them on baker’s twine, with these cute glitter clothes pins.

Christmas card on clothespin

Quite festive, and so pretty, don’t you think?!

To Make You’ll Need:

  • Clothes Pins
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Paint Brush

Glue, clothespins and glitter

How To Make:

Modge podge clothespin

1. Apply a generous amount of glue to one side of clothes pin.

Glitter on clothespins

2. Next, sprinkle glitter over the glue.

Glitter clothespins

3. Let sit for a minute, and shake off the excess glitter.

4. Dry for a few more minutes, then they are ready for use.

Christmas cards on clothespins

Thanks Tiny Prints for sharing our little project, and for our cutest Christmas cards yet!

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