Think you’re too old to have a boisterous birthday bash? Sure the days of jump houses, petting zoos and magicians might be over, but that doesn’t mean you’re prohibited from having tons of fun on your big day. After all, you only get to blow out the candles once every year so why not make it count? And to help you plan a superb celebration, we’re bringing you a few party themes and matching birthday invitations that will have your guests buzzing.

A Posh Mad Men Party Theme

Slip into some chic ‘60s attire and get the cocktails ready! A retro soiree based on everyone’s favorite TV show is sure to be a hit. And to give your party an old-fashioned feel, decorate the setting with a few vintage odds and ends.

Mad Men Mod Birthday Invitations

A Birthday Abroad Party Theme

Pack your bags and get ready to embark on a grand adventure around the world. A travel-inspired theme will transport you and your guests to far off destinations even if the party is just taking place in your living room. Embellish your surroundings with maps, globes and antique luggage to further enhance this fun theme.

Global Adventure Birthday Invitations

A Karaoke Idol Party Theme

Warm up those vocal chords and unleash your inner diva or rock star! A karaoke themed birthday party will certainly hit all the right notes with your guests. And you can even make each singer feel as if they were on stage by using gig lights and smoke machines.

Karaoke Idol Birthday Invitation

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