A Winter Birthday Party

I was born in the middle of the summer, long after most kids have left on vacation or have forgotten about their classmates. To make up for a string of poorly attended birthday parties, one memorable year, my mother threw me a party in the middle of winter. She reserved a small ice skating rink and invited my entire class. For once I got to blow out my candles and enjoy celebrating with all of my friends.

Ironically many birthday invitations hint at warm summer days and outdoor parties, but statistically there are as may winter birthdays as summer birthdays.  Think outside the box when planning your winter birthday parties. While you can adapt any of our photo birthday cards to give your guests a feel for the seasonality of your celebration, you can also browse our holiday party invitation selection to find a card that will perfectly match your theme. Winter parties can be a whole other brand of fun, with hot chocolate and cookies instead of lemonade and ice cream!

Striped Snowman Holiday Party Invitation by Tiny Prints

Merry Perch Flat Holiday Party Invitation by Tiny Prints

Cookie Swap Holiday Party Invitation by Tiny Prints

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  1. Rebecca says:

    What a great idea! My daughter’s birthday is in July and this year only one kid showed up!

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