Turning 30 years old is a momentous occasion that deserves to be celebrated in style! There are a lot of great things about leaving the 20’s behind and embarking on a new adventure. Turning 30 means embracing another decade full of fun new memories – and probably a few mistakes. Like everything else in life, it’s all about your attitude (and throwing a great birthday party!)

Whether you are planning your own party or surprising a friend, here are some fun 30th birthday party ideas for planning a 30th birthday bash that will definitely be one for the books!

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Select a Venue

There is nothing wrong with throwing a 30th birthday party in someone’s home, but you can also take the excitement level up a notch by celebrating in a more energizing atmosphere. Depending on your guest of honor’s activity preferences and hobbies, you might decide to throw the party at a bowling alley, dance hall, private pool or some other venue that will add a little life to the celebration.

If you do plan to celebrate in your own home or someone else’s, take the time to thoroughly clean the entire space and make sure you have enough folding chairs and sofas to accommodate all of the party guests. No one likes to be a visitor in a home that is full of dust bunnies or that doesn’t have adequate seating.

Choose Standout Party Themes

A birthday party is only as good as its theme, so put some careful thought into the type of theme that best matches the personality of your honored birthday guest. Some people like imaginative themes that bring out the kid in everyone, like princesses and other whimsical character themes. Others prefer more fashion-oriented themes like Chevron prints and classy pastels. Your honoree might also like a playful party complete with alluring balloons and spun sugar centerpieces.

If you aren’t certain about the type of theme your birthday guest would prefer, it is usually best to err on the side of caution. Cute champagne glasses bedecked with adorable Chevron straws are probably a safer bet than decorating the entire room in life-size cardboard cutouts of boy band stars. When in doubt, check your theme with the special guest!

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Purchase Theme-Matching Invitations

Once you have decided on a venue and theme, get ready for one of the most enjoyable steps in the party-planning process: choosing your invitations. Remember that the invite theme sets the tone for the entire party, so have some fun looking through many different styles and colors that and selecting an invitation that is perfectly suited for the upcoming event. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Sparkles, Anyone? We know that turning 30 can seem overwhelming. So, why not take the chance to let your guest of honor relieve her carefree teenage days by incorporating plenty of girly sparkles into her 30th birthday party decorations? From sparkling wine and shimmering invitations to frosted cupcakes sprinkled with glitter, there are practically endless ways to add bling to any celebration.
  2. Go for Classy Looking for a classier way to celebrate? Create an upscale party that is the epitome of sophistication with a black-and-white color theme. Buy invitations with a stylish font reminiscent of a 1950’s newspaper headline or opera ticket. Offer old-fashioned treats and goodies displayed in candy store glass jars or laid out on crisp white platters. Your guest of honor will feel like Audrey Hepburn or Frank Sinatra surrounded by sophisticated decorations and goodies.
  3. Add a Touch of Masculinity There are a lot of fun ways to add a touch of masculinity to any birthday party. A unique way to celebrate your guest of honor is by creating a wall-collage of photographs depicting his life for the last 30 years. Add some visual interest and a little humor to the event by presenting your honoree with a birthday cake decorated like a hamburger, golf course, or anything else that he loves.
  4. Fun and Hip The 30-year-old hipster in your life will most likely be bored by glamourous party details, so opt instead for fun and lively color prints and themes. Dress up your dessert table with visually interesting items such as small colorful jars full of jelly beans or frosted sugar cookies in the shape of your guest of honor’s initials. Send out attractive invitations featuring bold patterns and colors, such as stripes, blocky letters or beer and wine glasses.

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Get Some Ideas

Even the most creative minds sometimes need to get ideas from somewhere else. If you’re drawing a blank when it comes to birthday party ideas, don’t panic! The internet contains a treasure trove of inventive party decoration ideas. Get your creative juices going by perusing through our own ideas boards, DIY decorating advice and party-planning articles. No one needs to know that you stole your centerpiece idea from someone else rather than coming up with it completely on your own. We won’t tell if you won’t!

A 30th birthday party only comes along once in a lifetime, so make the experience unforgettable with some of these fun birthday-planning ideas.

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