It’s Machelle from A Joyful Riot here again to share with you this super fun, pink and sprinkle-ly party I recently threw for my baby girl’s first birthday!

Animal Cookie Themed Birthday Party Ideas

When I was 9 months pregnant with her, I had this day where all I could think about was those pink and white frosted Circus Animal Cookies. I hadn’t had them in a very long time so it was kind of weird that I suddenly wanted nothing but them but I could not get them out of my mind!

Animal Cookie Themed Birthday Party Ideas

I was at work that day and my husband had driven me so I didn’t have a car to run to the store and find them and after work we had to rush and meet my family for pictures so no time to stop! That night I designed a birthday party invitation featuring the little treats but it didn’t quite fill the need, surprisingly. The next morning I still really wanted the cookies but we were rushing to get to my baby shower so we couldn’t make a stop. But then something magical happened!

Animal Cookie Themed Birthday Party Ideas

I showed up to my shower that my twin (the other half of A Joyful Riot) had put together and there on the favor table was a huge jar of animal cookies!! She had no idea I’d had this intense craving, she just decided they’d look cute at the party (and they did)!

Animal Cookie Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Ever since then, I’ve had this fascination with those cute little cookies and even dressed my daughter up as one for her first Halloween! So what better theme than pink and white and sprinkles for her first birthday?! And all the printed details from Tiny Prints really made the whole thing special!

Graphic design is my real passion so the invitation is always the most important detail at my parties. It’s the only part of the party that everyone invited will see because if they can’t come they still get the invite! So I always make an effort to have the invite really reflect what the party will look and feel like and I think this invitation was my favorite yet!

Animal Cookie Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Tiny Prints makes it so easy to get the most adorable invitations! Firstly, they have BY FAR the best selection of ready made invites you’ll find anywhere but even if one of those doesn’t quite fit your theme, like this animal cookie party I threw, then it’s easy to customize your own! I choose this holiday card that allowed me to upload my own design to fill the entire front of the card and chose the ticket cut because it fit perfectly with my circus animal cookie theme. Easy as that! I love having beautiful quality invitations to really set the scene for my parties.

I not only started this party off with cute graphics but I ended it with one too by sending my guests off with bags full of cake batter animal cookie popcorn affixed with these adorable stickers, also from Tiny Prints, found here.

Animal Cookie Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Throughout the party I had signs designating food and activities that also matched the invites and stickers so the whole thing matched and flowed. One of my favorite parts about the party was the time capsule we had where guests could guess what Stella would be like when she grows up! That will be such a fun activity when the time comes for her to read them. You can read more about that project and how to set up your own here.

Another favorite element was the garlands I made of her monthly photos. I made an effort to get a photo of her every month with the same blanket under her and blocks spelling out her age. I got them printed via Shutterfly and strung them up for guests to see how much she had grown and changed in the first year of her life.

Animal Cookie Themed Birthday Party Ideas

We had lots of fun carnival games for the kids to play with tons of fun prizes! You can find the DIYs for that rhino punch game here, my animal cookie piñata here, the fun animal cookie marquee light here, the animal cookie plastic toys (seen on the table and on her cake) here, and the animal cookie clay necklaces that we gave away as prizes here. Also grab the free printable art seen behind the food table here, free animal cookie clip art here (perfect for making cupcake picks), and the DIY and free pattern for the sprinkle-y hats here! Whew! I told you I had a little animal cookie obsession right!?

Animal Cookie Themed Birthday Party Ideas

I love making a big deal out of birthdays and being able to share my daughters very first one with friends and family was such a fun, cherished experience! And if you’re just looking for a simple party that still has cohesiveness and beauty, I really would focus on the graphic elements (like the invite!) first and foremost because they’re the easiest part and they really make your party memorable.

Credits: A Joyful Riot | Invitations| Stickers | Paper Lanterns | Honeycomb Balls | Confetti Filled Balloon Wands | Big White Cake Stands | Light Pink Cake Stands | Pink Berry Baskets | Pink Tickets | Balloons | Pink Placemats | Pink Table Clothes | Pink Treat Cups | Pink Cello Bags | Prizes | Pink Wrapping Paper | Water Balloons | Animal Toys | Cutlery | Cups | Napkins | Plates | Pink Paper Bags | White Otter Pop Bucket | Candy Jars

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