We are so thrilled to have Channa from Life as a Coaches Wife here today talking to us about the beginning of football season! She understands that as a coaches wife, she’s ready for some long days and even longer weekends of all things football. Find out what she does to kickoff the season!

Every July 1st I take an extra minute to breathe because I know what’s coming. In just two short weeks our lives will be turned upside down with the start of another season, a season that runs between three actual seasons, it comes with long days and even longer weeks, a season that for the past 10 years has slowly grown to become a favorite in our house, a season we coaches wives call Football.

It’s like no other sport played at the high school or college level. There is nothing to compare the amount of time and work that goes into it. The long hours, sometimes upwards of 20 hour days, the even longer work week, Monday-Sunday, the missed meals and activities, birthdays and holidays and anniversaries.

Every July 1st football wives start mentally preparing for what will be 5 months of solo parenting and being a football widow. But there is one thing that gets us more excited than Friday night lights, all the football parties and “family” get together. You want to know how to throw a great football party? Ask a coaches wife!

We’ve been doing them every season since our husbands started on this career path. And for the coaches wife who doesn’t have extra time to run around and find the perfect party decoration, invitations and game day necessities online sites like TinyPrints.com are a must!

Offering everything from sports party invitations to party decorations to throw blankets to keep you warm while cheering on your favorite team! And this season is no different. I found the perfect invitation because as we all know, an invitation is the kick off to any event.tiny-prints-football-party invitationsFeatured Tiny Prints football party invitation: Football Feast

Of course I didn’t stop there, I found adorable name stickers to seal our invites and the perfect thank you notes.

tiny-prints-football-thank-you-cardsFeatured Tiny Prints football stickers: Framed Football | Featured Tiny Prints football personal stationery: Flying Football

And because every good mom can foresee the future I found the PERFECT blanket to wrap up in at those chilly games!!

tiny-prints-monogram-blanketFeatured Tiny Print throw blanket: Herringbone Monogram

I think it’s safe to say with these football party accessories, our party is will a success!!

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