Today we are super excited to have Lesley Zellers here with us today sharing a fun way to remind ourselves to take a break every once in a while, to live in the moment and to enjoy every second of each day. What a great thing to remind ourselves of, especially with a totally cute free printable! 

I’m Lesley Zellers and I live in Oklahoma with my husband, two cutie girls and a boy on the way. Most days you can find me in the backyard gardening, playing with my girls and just soaking up the beauty of each day. When I find some extra time I love creating things and sell them in my shop, recipe for crazy. Today I get to share a printable I designed so you can make your own mug, print or notebook with Tiny Prints!

As a list-maker and lover of marking the things off, I sometimes find myself just rushing from one thing to the next. Do the laundry – check. Feed the kids – check. Reply to emails – not very promptly, but check. If I’m not careful I can just check my days off one by one and not truly enjoy the simple things and everyday beauty that surrounds me. So to remind myself to take a break and relish in those everyday moments – I made this print.

enjoy the journey free printable inspirational quote

The design I chose is a painting of the phrase, “enjoy the journey.” Click here to download the free printable.

Things to Remember

  • Enjoy the journey.
  • Enjoy the slow summer nights being up too late and catching fireflies.
  • Enjoy the way my three year old rushes through lunch so she can get back to swimming.
  • Enjoy the process of watching my oldest put letters together as a foundation to one day read.
  • Enjoy the slow process of watching a seed become a plump, ripe tomato ready to pull from the vine.
  • Enjoy the little kicks and rolls in my belly because before long that little baby will be grown and I’ll be old.

The final step or destination is not where life is lived. It’s in the journey. And I want to enjoy every moment of it and I hope you do to.

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