Make your Own Halloween Decor

Here at Tiny Prints, we are fully embroiled in a competition to see who can decorate the two sides of our office in the spookiest way for Halloween. Most of my team’s ideas are top secret at this point, but we did spend a few hours yesterday making our own bats and spiders to hang from to rooftops–and they were absolutely adorable!

The little spider on the left is just made from two balloons tied together by their knots, with strips of construction paper for legs and white out and marker for eyes. The bigger spider on the right is one large balloon that we twisted to make a little bubble for the head. We cut out eyes from printer paper, and then attached pipe cleaners for legs!

Not only will these little decorations add charm to our haunted office, but they were so much fun to make! You can steal the idea from us, spread some giggles among your family by checking out HGTV‘s great craft ideas or click on any of the images below to find spooky inspiration while you and your kids make your own Halloween decor this October. Have a blast, and let the ghoul times roll!

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5 Responses

  1. Tara says:

    Those are INCREDIBLE

  2. Jackie White says:

    These ideas are so fun and awesome for an office setting! The spider on the right is very comical. Great work!!

  3. Chuckles says:


  4. I am loving that paper pumpkin, but I’m a bit partial to pumpkins!

  5. Al says:

    Very clever and easy to make.

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