Meet Danielle Kruse, the talent behind Polka Dot Umbrella Photography. Read on to learn more about her and see some of the gorgeous photos she’s contributed to Tiny Prints.

Sometimes I wake up and feel like I need to pinch myself… I am working my dream job. I started in photography as many do — a hobby that grew into something more. Soon after, I became rather, well, obsessed. I spent hours each night reading, learning, and many more hours practicing. I find that I’m kind of a competitive person—with myself—which may or may not be normal (ha!) but has helped me grow as a photographer.

My love for the camera started way back in college as an art education student, when there was only film (yes, film). I became an art teacher for eight fabulous years and loved it! But more recently, I left the teaching world of elementary art to pursue photography full time.

My style: I like to laugh, and try not to take myself too seriously. I love what I do and really just like to make people smile. I do crazy tricks. Mainly cheerleader jumps, and I also make silly noises. And by the end of a session I’m hoping people aren’t judging me by the size of my hair—because it’s usually all over the place. I do my best to make people feel relaxed and comfortable and happy.

I’m obsessed with color and pattern—this season in particular, it’s chevron. Some days I like to pretend I’m crafty and am learning to sew… not very well… but learning! I sometimes wish music was always playing around me AND I love cheese. Yes, I’m from Wisconsin, and there’s nothing better than a good piece of cheese or a cheese curd. You pick.

When I’m not behind the camera, I’m hanging with my two energetic toddlers, Lydia Olive and Joseph Napoleon. Usually, I’m playing Little People, being climbed on, having dance parties, or getting hugs… all of which I wouldn’t trade for anything. And of course, my husband is right there with me or making me food because he likes to cook. Pretty sure I lucked out in the husband department.

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