Meet Lisa and Zoe, the talent behind Lisa and Zoe Photography. Read on to learn more about them both and see some of the gorgeous photos they’ve contributed to Tiny Prints.

Lisa and Zoe are both only children—realizing it’s so much more fun to work together, they joined their individual businesses in 2010 to create Lisa and Zoe Photography. They bring 24 years of collective photography experience to their boutique photography business. Most creative people would find it hard to work together, but Lisa and Zoe can’t imagine NOT working together. They have become family.

Both have an observant sense of humor and find that it’s this unique perspective that helps them evolve as photographers. Striving to create unique and personable images, Lisa and Zoe work out of San Diego, California. While they often shoot in their funky studio in the design district of Solana Beach, it’s the on-location shoots they prefer.

Always on the look-out for a cool, new spot—they drag their kids around town checking different, unique locations when the “light is perfect.”  After so many years in the business, Lisa and Zoe have vowed to always make photography fun. Otherwise, what’s the point?!

Lisa Peirce is Canadian born, but Southern California raised. Lisa and her firefighter husband have a son and daughter. They enjoy camping in their refurbished Airstream and hitting the slopes every winter.

Zoe Mohler was born and raised in Southern California. She and her husband spend most of their time on the soccer field as they watch their three young daughters play soccer year round. Zoe is also the creator behind Three Sisters Jewelry Design.

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  1. What talent!!! Those are the most beautiful cards I have ever seen!! So proud of you ladies!!

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