Digital networking and social media sites are a great way to forge new business relationships, but no website or phone app will ever trump the power of face-to-face networking. And when it comes to networking, the easiest way to ensure someone will remember you is to stand out. Enter business cards. Personalized business cards present the ideal opportunity to really make an impression on someone—so why not make yours unforgettable?

Whether you’re on the job hunt, spreading the word out about your business, looking for a lunch buddy or simply want to makeover your professional image, here are five business cards that will get you noticed, and keep you at front of mind.

1. Square business cards. They’re a standout from the very start due to their unexpected shape and size. Simply holding one in your hand creates a different experience than holding a standard 2×3.5 business card.

2. Folded business cards are not only interactive, but they allow space for telling a story about yourself. Do you have a personal blog? Want to share your Twitter handle? A favorite quote you live by? This format is perfect for displaying multiple skills or interests.

3. Photo business cards are great for showcasing your personality or craft. From a professional head shot to a beautifully prepared dish or photographed landscape, this format doubles as a miniature portfolio of your work.

4. Two-sided business cards. Like our folded designs, our two-sided styles have additional space that traditional business cards don’t offer. Many of our business cards feature designs on the back and the additional detail is an easy way to dress up your information.

5. Full color business cards. The days of boring black and white business cards are long gone, so don’t be afraid to play up your business appeal or personal style with bold color.

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  1. As usual, these Tiny Prints designs for business cards look awesome! Square cards are certainly unique. Love them all (how do you pick just one?) One question: will the square size fit in a standard business card holder (height-wise)? I’ve bookmarked you and stumbled for my visitors. Thanks!

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