A Notebook for Health

The middle of February arrived and I could no longer pretend that my pants were a bit snug due to the holiday season. The season was well and truly over and the few extra holiday pounds weren’t going anywhere.

As a busy working mom of two girls I rarely have time to exercise, but I thought that I was at least eating quite well. Consider my surprise when I started jotting down everything I’d eaten during the day. On the whole, my diet is pretty healthy, but the snacking that I was doing between my healthy meals is what was catching up to me. You know the snacking I mean — a left over chicken nugget, a last spoonful of abandoned yogurt, a stray cookie at snack time. My extra pounds are courtesy of my children’s left-overs.

One day of journaling my food left a pretty big impression on me and motivated me to keep better track of my diet. I found a picture of myself at a good weight and used it to create a Tiny Prints notebook to keep track of my daily food intake. The photo motivates me and writing everything down makes me rethink those little bites, licks, and tastes that were doing more harm than good. Even better, I’m proud to report that my jeans are a little bit less snug today!

How have you used your Tiny Prints notebook?

Spring Air Tiny Prints Notebook

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