I have a bit of a confession to make. I seem to have developed a bit of a Thank You Card and Note Card obsession. Granted, this could be an occupational hazard. We’re surrounded with so much gorgeous stationery here at Tiny Prints that it’s hard not to covet at least some of it, but even I have to admit that I might be getting a bit carried away.

See, first it started with a set of these. Very cute and extremely functional. I used them for notes to the teacher during the year.

Retro Thank You Cards by Tiny Prints

Those were quickly followed by a set of these. (What can I say? Deep down I’m a pink girl through and through.)

Note Cards by Tiny Prints

It’s not impossible that shortly after that a set of these found their way to my stash…

Tiny Prints Notecard

… and maybe also these. Because everyone always needs a little note card to just say a few words. Right?

Note cards by Tiny Prints

You would think that that would have been enough, but all the Back-to-School excitement made me crave these. You know, for more teacher notes…

Apple Thank You Cards by Tiny Prints

At which point I really should stop building up my stock and focus on sending out more than one card a week. It’s such a shame to keep all the cuteness from my friends. But first I’m sure no one will mind if I add one last set to the collection. These are just too cute to pass up. Wouldn’t you agree?

Thank You Cards by Tiny Prints

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  1. ellie says:

    I love notecards. I’d say I collect them, but I do use them. It’s always nice to have a good selection.

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