On Monday my sister and her husband celebrated their anniversary. If I were a better sister I’d know just what number it was. Then again if I were a better sister I would have sent them a real anniversary card, not a text message that read:

“Happy Anniversary! In honor of it I bought myself a book.”

Now, to be fair it was a book she had recommended, so I was in fact thinking of her while I was in the store, but still, it was a poor show of sisterly love. The really nice thing to do would have been to send them a fun basket of Chicago foods since they’re both avid foodies who just moved to the Windy City. Or I could have picked up the phone and actually wished them a great day in person.

I could even have taken advantage of the fact that I’m surrounded with awesome greeting cards every day to send them the perfect card for the occasion. I’m thinking this one would have done the trick.

Anniversary Card by Tiny Prints

It’s a bit fuzzy in the picture, but it says “happy anniversary to the second most cutest couple in the world. and in case you’re wondering. yes, we’re the first.” Seems like the perfect card for a bratty kid sister to send. We may not be 9 and 6 any more, but I can still play the kid sister role quite well some days.

Maybe in retrospect the text message wasn’t such a bad way to go. Though I bet she would have loved the inside of the card… I was thinking of finally apologizing for wearing the wrong shoes to her wedding all those years ago.

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