It happens, sometimes you RSVP yes to a party only to realize at the last minute that there’s just no way to attend. You call in your last minute regrets, but then you’re left with one tiny issue. If you’re organized you already have a gift picked out, so what to do? Do you keep the gift for another party or do you find a way to give the gift to the birthday child?

We put the question to our Facebook fans and got an overwhelming amount of “YES!” responses. Personally, I’m the type of person who picks up a gift on the way to the party, but for people who have already purchased the gift, it seemed obvious that they’d find a way to give the gift to its intended recipient.

Yes–if we have a last minute cancellation (usually because of illness), then I still give the gift we’d already purchased. I feel bad enough canceling on someone… – Sara Shuman O”Keefe


Yes, I always give gifts to an event I was invited to, even if I could not attend. This includes weddings, birthday parties, showers, etc. It may not be as much as if I actually attended, but even if just a little gift just to show appreciation for the invite. – Lindsay Pattison


Yes of course! We already have the gift if we have canceled last minute. If I RSVP no from the beginning, then we typically give a gift regardless for close friends and of course family. – Kimberly Evans-Robey


It depends on who the child is. If it’s a very good friend or family member, then yes. If it is a classmate, no. I wouldn’t expect them to give my child one if they couldn’t make the party. – Kristina Edelmann Salko


Yes, if we RSVP’d that we would attend then we definitely still give a gift. – Amy Parker Ballard

How do you feel about the gift issue? Does the present end up in the gift closet or do you find a way to get it to the child?

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