Happy Handwriting Day

Tomorrow is National Handwriting Day, something that to me sounded silly, like breathing day, or water drinking day (neither of which exist I don’t think) because I never leave home without a notebook or a pen. Each room in our house has a stash of pens and there’s always a ton of paper on hand.

My personal love for the handwritten word knows no bounds and so I welcome a whole day of celebration. It seems though that I might be part of a growing minority. Rumor has it that schools are phasing cursive out of the curriculum, something which seems to be distressing many of our Facebook Fans.

Cursive In School Facebook Poll Results

The general consensus seems to be that without cursive children will never learn to sign their names and will struggle when reading other people’s written words. From a fine motor skill standpoint, cursive is incredibly important.  From the point of view of an already overtaxed education system, is there really enough time for teaching a dying art?

Print, cursive or a mix of the two, we’re not picky. Any of it is better than a hastily typed text message. Embrace Handwriting Day tomorrow and send someone a loving note written longhand on pretty stationery.

Painted Painsies Notecard by Tiny Prints

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  1. Robin says:

    Not just for the art of it, cursive is so important — as you point out– for developing fine motor skills. Plus, I think it is a very early lesson on discipline and taking pride in your work — and those are definitely two things we can get rid of in our society!

  2. Robin says:

    Can’t get rid of**

  3. Cursive is of the best handwriting style.I really like cursive writing.

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