I have a great friend who is the best mail sender I know. At least once a week I open my mailbox to see a little letter packed with clipped articles or cartoons or a little post card. When she was in town visiting recently I discovered her secret to always being ready to mail things out.

She has a notebook where she keeps track of who she’s recently written to. Tucked in the front of the notebook are the clippings that she means to send out as well as a sheet of stamps and address labels.

I noticed with a glance that she had a slew of different address labels, each more colorful than the last, but that the addresses weren’t the same on each. And that’s when realization dawned. She has address labels for all the people she regularly writes to. When she’s amassed enough clippings or found the perfect card, all she has to do is grab the right address label, slap on a return address label, and stick a stamp in the corner of the envelope. No looking up addresses, no looking for stamps, the only thing she spends time on is the important stuff – the message inside.

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