When a friend of mine confides in me that a new baby is on the way I always find myself doing a little happy dance. One part of me is dancing because while I do so love babies, I’m always secretly thrilled that I won’t be the one doing midnight feedings. The other part of me dances because any pregnancy is a great time to plan a baby shower.

Showers are a special time for an expectant mom to bond with her girlfriends, to get advice, to get adorable baby things, to laugh and sometimes cry over baby stories and memories. There are games, which everyone claims to hate, but secretly loves, and there’s always some sort of delicious food.

And then there’s my favorite moment, the instant a soon-to-be mom looks at everything she has just opened and realization dawns. There’s going to be a baby and it’s going to be small and needy.

That’s when I reach over and hug her gently and whisper. “It’s going to be ok. We’re all going to be there to help.”

Baby Patterns Baby Shower Invitation by Tiny Prints

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