Knowing that most people attend baby showers on Sundays, this past weekend we asked our Facebook fans about their best (and worst!) baby shower games that they had ever experienced.

Not surprisingly some fans expressed the wish that no games would ever be played at showers, others however had some great ideas for entertainment and some recommendations for games that should be at all costs avoided.

Let’s start with the games best forgotten:

1) The candy bar in the diaper game.

Don’t do this to your friends. It’s not nice and clearly most people don’t find it funny.  Melting candy bars is just a waste of good chocolate and clean diapers.

“I hate the game with the melted chocolate in the diapers. To torture me, my friends did it at my shower last year.” – Erica Rawlings Johnson

2) The baby food tasting game.

Again, this is not appealing to anyone and is a waste of perfectly good food.

“Yeah the melted chocolate, or where you have to taste different baby foods and guess what they are–yuck!” – Adrienne Neale Lowery

3) Measure the Mommy-to-Be.

I’ve been that mommy and while everyone in  attendance thinks her belly is cute, she’s been watching it grow for months and she’s not quite as enamored of it as everyone. Then when someone grossly over-estimates the girth… well, it can be pretty humiliating.

“I’m also not in love with the toilet paper measuring the mommy’s waist game. My Grandma (a tiny peanut of a woman who has never weighed more than 100 lbs in her life) guessed 40 squares. Actual amount? 14.” – Erica Rawlings Johnson

Now that we know what not to play, how about a few games that will have the guests cracking up?

1) Baby Gift Bingo

This fun game that involves bingo cards featuring possible gifts is a great way to keep everyone interested in the present opening.

“I usually do baby bingo. Guests fill out a “bingo” sheet with items that will be gifts. As mom opens gifts, guests cross off items. First to get a row wins prize.” – Suzanne Pablo

2)”My water broke.”

Teeny tiny plastic babies are frozen in ice cubes and given to guests for safe keeping. It’s a race to whose baby will be “born” first!

“I had so much fun, never laughed so hard at the last one I went to. It was called your water broke. It was a baby in ice cube in a cup of water. Had to watch the ice melt and if your baby comes out you have to yell, ‘my water broke!'” – Katherine Overstreet

3) Match the baby picture.

When all the guests bring their own baby pictures hilarity ensues when the matching begins!

“My aunt threw a family baby shower for me and everyone had to bring a baby picture of themselves. She laid them all out and numbered them and you had to guess who belonged to which picture. It was so funny and also cute to see pics of some of the older family members as babies.” – Brandi Harris Markiewicz

These are just a handful of the games debated in the Facebook thread. If you’re looking for great shower game inspiration or guidance our fans have your answers!

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