Year after year, we love to see the fresh new designs that come from our talented team of designers, but when it comes to springtime stationery you can almost always predict what the collection will look like: Sweet, simple and pastel.

But not this year!

We are thrilled to have some vibrant designs that add a touch of modern flair to traditional springtime looks. I particularly love this bright communion invitation.

It’s so great to see something completely unexpected that still fits the darling Tiny Prints style. What do you think?

Pink Baptism Invitations - Decorative Borders

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2 Responses

  1. Kara says:

    This is so perfect. I was just thinking I needed to get invites for my daughter’s First Communion and this design was made for her. Love it!

  2. Off topic, this blog design is simply divine. 🙂


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