Imagine a mom walking into a restaurant bathroom, infant tucked under one arm, toddler clutched in the other hand. She’s tired because it’s been a long day and she’s a bit lonely because between work and kids there’s never enough time to make friends and it seems like all the people she did know have recently moved away.

She pushes open the heavy door and spots another mom already using the changing table. They exchange knowing looks and smile shyly. Within moments they’re cracking jokes.

The tired mom smiles. “This mom could be my friend,” she thinks.”Maybe I can give her my number when we head back to the table.”

Of course, by the time she gets back after having changed both children, the other family is nowhere to be seen. The opportunity is lost.

That tired mom was me, just a few years ago. I still wonder to this day about that mom. She looked so nice, I just know we would be best friends today. At the time I wished I’d had a piece of paper to jot down my number. Who knows if she would have ever called, but at least I would have tried.

I went home that night and I created some Mommy Cards for myself. When they arrived I tucked a few in each of my diaper bags and in my jacket pockets. The next time I ran into a nice looking mom with sweet little children, I had my cards handy and the occasion wasn’t missed.

Girly Games Mommy Cards by Tiny Prints

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    I need these!

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