Each summer, parents face the daunting task of entertaining their kids throughout the long school vacation. Between family trips and stints at summer camp, keeping the kids off the couch can be a challenge. If your kids’ joyful playing in the park and swimming at Grandma’s house has already deteriorated into watching TV and incessantly teasing each other, it might be time for a new summer pastime.

Try directing a children’s play for your little ones and their friends. This one project alone can encourage reading, writing, design, dance, music, teamwork, public speaking and arts and crafts. Depending on their age ranges, you can even turn it into a months-long event, with a show at the end of summer to display all their hard work to friends, family and neighbors. Or, it can be a week-long process with a show on Friday night.

You can transform your child’s favorite books or movies into scripts, or simply borrow one from an online source. I particularly love “Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate” from FreeDrama.com. It has an adorable story about being small but brave, making unusual friends and protecting the environment. With cutout felt eye patches, cardboard swords and their favorite striped shirts, the kids with be playing pirates onstage in no time!

After the show, you can invite all the kids and their parents to a themed cast party using this type of fun, theatrical invitation. If you spark your kids’ interest in performing arts, you can check out local children’s theater programs for them to participate in, or take them to live performances as summer field trips. You might even see your babe on Broadway someday!

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