Now that it’s officially summer, what are you doing to beat the heat? Though I love these summer months, I could do without the hot, sleepless nights. That’s why I was excited when I watched ABC’s, “The View” and saw various ways that to keep cool this summer. Here are a few gadgets that was on their show that you can purchase for cool, comfortable summer days and nights.

1) The Chill Misting Fan from Brookstone.

Chill Misting Fan from Brookstone

2) Chillow or a chilled pillow from The Comfort Store will keep you cool at night.

3) And to keep your back, buns and anything you else you want cool, LavaBuns is a seat cushion that can be cooled when it’s hot and warmed when it’s cold outside.

If all else fails, grab an ice cream cone, watch a movie, or stay indoors when you want to take a break for the summer heat.

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