It’s officially summer! The heat is on. The kids are out of school. And the parents? Well, some are full of ideas on how to keep their kids busy. Others have already gone through their list and could use a little spark of imagination. Well, we asked some of the parents from our marketing and creative teams how they plan to keep their kids entertained (and happy) during the warm months ahead. Feel free to borrow plenty of ideas!

The Little Chef

“I love to get my daughter involved with cooking and grilling. Recently we used star-shaped cookie cutters to pop out pretty pieces of watermelon and cantaloupe!” —Susan

The Mini Movie Buff

“We try to have one day a week where we pay special attention to the things Noah would have fun doing. On nice nights, we take him to a Drive-In movie. It’s such a fun experience for the whole family.” —Terry

The Tiny Jet-Setter

“Since summer often involves lots of travel plans, my wife and I have come up with a fool-proof plan to keep our daughter content on planes and longer road trips. We bring snacks… make that lots of snacks. We also always pack activity books, stickers, new toys, favorite music CDS and books. We bring along new music and books for her to explore too.” —Manus

The Cutest Camper

“I’ve been building tents out of blankets and furniture since I was a child. I started doing it with Cameron and she loves building a tent and just playing inside. We definitely try to top ourselves each time by making the tent bigger.” —Daniel

The Highest Kite Flyer

“People don’t really appreciate flying kites anymore. We just took Blair to a wind festival and bought him a kite. When we got home, we took the kite out and I couldn’t believe how much fun he had playing with it. On that note, I couldn’t believe how much fun I had either!” —Jessie

What are you doing to keep your little ones busy this summer? Leave us a comment below!

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