Kids really do say the darndest things, especially when it comes to what they want to be for Halloween! Our Facebook fans shared some of the adorable and hilarious things their kids said:

“My 6 year old, Ashton, asked to be an apple.” – Sasha P.

“My 3 year old is gonna be a dinosaur. I said, ‘Sara, boys are usually dinosaurs.’ She said, ‘That’s ok Momma. Put a bow on me and everyone can tell the difference.’ Well, now she and my 8 month old daughter are going to be dinosaurs, with bows on their tails! 😀 – Sonya H.

“Mark, age 3, asked to be candy for Halloween… not get candy, be candy.” – Elizabeth R.

Do you know any quotable kids? Submit the funny things they say to blog@tinyprints.com and they might be featured!


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