For me the season kicks off the day after the 4th of July when all the big box stores turn their inventory over in the dark of the night. It’s as though Summer having officially been celebrated we can once again turn our attention to the end of it. I love walking through the aisles stacked with new notebooks, perfect backpacks, shiny pens and endless markers and crayons.

Even though we’re not ready to think about the first day of school, I always find myself stocking up on art supplies to enjoy during the rest of the summer.

Our official back-to-school supplies are always purchased at the very last minute, with the other frantic parents who left everything too late. As we stand in front of the depleted aisles I always think to myself that things will be different the following year, but in reality, I know that I could never bring myself to shop for binders in the middle of July, even if it means having to chose from the dredges instead of having our pick of the lot.

Do you back-to-school shop early or wait until the last minute? You Tell Us!

Back to school with Tiny Prints

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