My mother lives on the other side of the world, so she’s not readily accessible to dispense motherly advice on a daily basis. Luckily I’ve spent many years with her and the little voice in my head that has her accent is always present. So are all my childhood memories.

Every morning, as I brush my daughters’ hair, I think of the endless mornings when she braided mine in tight, neat braids. When I’m tempted to reply “because I said so” I hear her saying the same to me. And when I make the kids dance in the grocery store aisles with me, I remember doing the same with her as a child.

She might not be able to dispense quick advice when I need it, but almost everything I know today is something I learned by watching my mother parent my sisters and me over the years.

We asked our Facebook fans to share the best parenting advice their mothers had shared over the years. The answers were both predictable and surprising. Here are a few comments that made us smile.

“Never stop believing in yourself ♥” – Julie Shearer Golladay


“Unless you’re in a burning building or under nuclear attack, never awaken a sleeping baby.” – Molly Gordy


Tell them you love them EVERYDAY!!! – Carrie Chambers


‎”It’s just a phase.” It’s my mantra. – Megin Carew Hatch


Never doubt your instincts. A mother always knows…. And ……Save your money; you’re going to need it! – Theresa Zagarino


If the baby is breathing and so are you- all is well. – Rebecca Anderson-Furlong


‎”Kids don’t pop out with manuals. You do the very best job you can, but you’ll make mistakes. You’re human. You’ll have to forgive yourself for that. And you’ll still be a great mom.” – Tiffany Kammerer Wysocki

What is the best parenting advice your mother ever gave you?

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