I have good friends who go all out for their children’s birthday party goody bags. The bags and contents perfectly match the party theme and you can tell that an incredible amount of thought went into their creation. I’ve also attended parties where the goody bags are clearly assembled at the last minute after a hurried trip to a party supply store to raid the discount bins.

I wish I could say that my kids like the first option best, but really, they’re usually just thrilled to have something to bring home. Then again, they’re equally happy to come home empty handed. So in our house party favors are very much dependent on whether or not mommy can get to the store in time to assemble the goody bags.

Our Facebook fans have already started the conversation, but we would love to know where you stand. So? Birthday party goody bags — do you go all out? Throw something easy together? Or skip it entirely? You tell us!


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  1. Diana says:

    I do tend to go all out when it comes to goody bags/party favors. I brainstorm months in advance, sometimes years! (3 kids, eldest is 12) I have a running list of party themes for the next several years. Although I reprimand myself after every party for stressing out so much and spending more than I should, I just can’t seem to stop the vicious cycle. Party favors are the best — there are just too many cute ideas out there! Resistance is futile.

  2. michel3 says:

    I think the kids like a party gift when the party is over. I know I did as a kid and it really did not matter how fancy or not that is was or was not.

  3. I always do goody bags that match the theme, I go all out! I just had a party for my 6 year old two weeks ago and he wanted a fun pirate theme. I bought treasure chest favor boxes and filled them with all kinds of fun stuff like eye patches, stickers, telescopes and gold coins. I even bought huge glow in the dark swords for each child to battle each other with. It was a lot of fun! It does get pricey but its worth it for the fun. Besides, there will come a day when my boys won’t want me throw them a themed party because it will be “lame” so I am enjoying it while I can 😀

  4. The older my kids got, the less concerned I became with “stuff” in the goody bag. At one point, the bag actually morphed into just one gift and a treat. For example, one year I gave each kid a pool noodle and a box of smarties. Now, I go for all consumables. The kids eat it, its gone, and no money wasted on little bits and pieces, or dollar store gimmicks that end up getting thrown out. As kids get older, the candy bag is what they want anyway.

  5. Samantha says:

    I always go all out, but with cheaper items like candies, cookies, and crazy shaped novelty sunglasses! I love these cookies that you had posted!

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