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In a little over the week I’ll be waking up and walking through my house with a little more caution than necessary. Sure my kids are little, but they hang out with older kids and I wouldn’t put it past some of them to have explained the finer points of a good April Fools’ trick or two.

– Loosened salt shaker? Done that.
– Saran wrap over the toilet seat? Done that too.

In the past my kids have really been too young for me to pull any pranks of my own, but I’m starting to think that they just might be at the right age to start with something fun and tasty to whet their appetites for years to come!

Fakin' and Eggs by Family Fun
Fakin’ and Eggs anyone?

I’d better be careful though… I’d hate to come home to a short-sheeted bed!

Do you give in to the April Fools fun in your house?

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