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Back when you were in school you could meet new friends just by turning around at your locker or saying hi to the person in line next to you in the cafeteria. When you’re working it’s almost as easy to meet new people. But what’s a mama who’s spending her days hanging out with half pints to do?

Not everyone is lucky enough to be surrounded with friends who have young kids and will be thrilled to sit around all afternoon chatting about diapers and the latest trend in strollers. Sometimes you’re the first or the last in your circle to get around to having kids.

So where do you find your support group new friends?

First, arm yourself with some mommy calling cards, because it’s very frustrating to meet your new bosom buddy and to realize you have nothing to jot your number on. Then bundle up your cutie and get ready to head out to one of these places.

1) Gymboree, Music Together, My Gym, My Little Gym, Swim Babies…
You get the gist, mommies and babies flock to baby classes. It’s good stimulation for the kids and chances are, you’ll meet someone you enjoy chatting with. There’s only a small step from tumbling to coffee. The advantage is that these classes usually run for a few weeks, giving you ample time to get up the courage to chat someone up.

2) New Mommy Support Groups
Your church or your local hospital probably offer some sort of new mom group for free. While most of these usually attract moms with younger babies, it’s a good place to get started. Even if you don’t meet a kindred spirit, it’ll still do you good to go out and hear that other moms are struggling with infancy too.

3) Local Mother’s Club
Most cities boast at least one mother’s club, a network of mother’s who get together on a regular basis to hang out, exercise, go to the park, do charity work, or just have fun. Do an Internet search for the words “Mother’s Club” and the name of your town. And don’t be shy, every person who’s a part of those clubs was once a nervous newbie.

4) Children’s Museums etc.
It might be a bit harder to approach a strange mom at a museum or aquarium, but you’d be surprised at the friendships you can forge by striking up a conversation with the other mom fishing her son out of the starfish petting pool. Don’t be scared to quickly ask her if they want to meet there again the following week or to see what park they like to hang out in.

Yes, none of this seems all that easy, and yes, it’s a whole lot like dating again, but having a good friend to share both the ups and downs of parenthood with is priceless and well worth the effort.

Tell us, where did you meet your best “mommy” friend?

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4 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    We moved to the area 3 months before my 1st child was born. After a year and a half I FINALLY found and joined our local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group (ie: a Mother’s Club). The women there have become my best friends and closest confidants. It is wonderful to have such a great group of friends to bounce ideas off of and to share the joys and struggles of motherhood! 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    I met a ton of awesome mom friends through Stroller Strides (visit http://www.strollerstrides.com to search for chapters in your area). Great way to meet people and lose the baby weight!!

  3. LizzieB says:

    Geez, wish I had these tips back when I was looking for new mommy friends. I always found so hard to meet like minded women. Some of my favorite mommy friends were met while taking a Mommy Boot Camp class and while waiting with other mothers for my daughter’s ballet class to finish.

  4. Linda D says:

    Some of my best mom friends came from my parents of multiples club, Gemini Crickets (http://geminicrickets.org/main/). Sharing our challenges really helped me through the first few months of my twins’ lives and now, many are my dearest friends.

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