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On a rather nondescript day, we pushed open the door to McDonald’s and walked in. My 2 year-old’s dress swished as she pushed past me regally. The cashier smiled. Why wouldn’t she, the kid was dressed to the nines in a gorgeous princess gown, sparkly tiara and pink sneakers.

I smiled back at her and shrugged.

I could have insisted that she take off the dress before we left the house, but she was so proud of it, so excited to show it off, that I decided against it.

Parenting is all about picking your battles. What’s worth fighting over? What worth causing a tantrum over? The answer is different for every parent.

For me it boils down to a few things:

1) Safety first. Car seats buckled, cross the road hand in hand, dress warmly, tushies on chairs.

2) Hygiene is key. Wash hands before meals, don’t lick anything, and get off the floor of the dirty store please.

3) Nothing permanent, thank you. You can cut your hair how you please, wear as many rub on tattoos as you want, but don’t you dare get a piercing or a tat without first discussing it with me. My kids are still little, so that’s not really an issue yet, but I’m ready.

After that I’m pretty flexible, even if it means wiping Chicken Nugget crumbs from the shimmery fake organza of a princess dress.

What are your “don’t cross this” lines? What battles do you pick?

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4 Responses

  1. Crunchy says:

    Oh yeah here too..though not as much as she gets older..now it is all the accessories dahling. Purse today for a bike ride! But yeah..they are warm, safe, fed and comfy..who cares..let them have fun!

  2. JLJP says:

    I won’t budge on manners. Please, thank you, no thank you. Oh, and mine wears princess regalia all over town too! 🙂

  3. Ellie says:

    I teach in an elementary school, and I get such a kick out of kids who dress themselves. It tells me, too, they have confident moms.

    Of course, when they decide to dress themselves at recess and don’t zip, wear gloves, or cover their heads, that’s when I become confident it’s okay to pick THAT battle.

  4. krellpw says:

    My wife and I agree with the crucial ones that you covered here. One of the ones that you did not include which is pretty important in our house is nutrition. But it also get’s back to picking your battles. We require our 6 year old to eat pretty healthy, better than I myself eat. Now what order he eats them in over the course of the day? I don’t care.

    If he want’s alphabet soup for breakfast? Fine.

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