Couch forts have been built, abandoned, rebuilt, abandoned and rebuilt again. Countless cookies have been baked and eaten. The house is littered with the remains of endless arts and crafts projects. And even the prospect of taking a bath just for a change of scenery has lost its appeal.

And yet the snow keeps falling. And the school closing notices keep rolling in.

So what do you do when you’re snowed in for days?

Do you crank up the heat and slip on shorts and flip flops to pretend that it’s summer already? Do you pull out every DVD in your movie library and sit through marathon viewing sessions?

If we’d been snowed in for days (and I say if because, realistically,  in California that’s probably never going to happen) I know that we’d be baking up everything in the pantry, doing endless art projects, playing hide and seek, doing puzzles, reading books and watching movies.

If you’re at a loss for fun and games check out these great sites for arts and crafts and online game inspiration:

And please tell us, what are you doing to stay sane as the snow piles up outside?

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