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Every baby store hands expectant parents a list of suggested baby gifts to register for: onesies, bouncie seats, swings, stroller, etc. And every expectant parent rushes to put all of these things on their list, because what would happen if, horrors, they didn’t get one of these essentials?

I was lucky and was accompanied by a good friend who was already a mom when I went to register. She steered me right and thanks to her I had a manageable amount of things on the list and didn’t actually end up with anything completely useless or unwanted.

Best thing I ever got? Our Pack ‘n Play. Four and a half years later and we still use that thing almost every weekend. It has seen us through two kids and still looks almost new.

Most useless thing I ever got? A lambskin type pad thing, designed to go in the stroller to keep the baby warm in the winter. Not exactly the most useful thin in California. Which is a shame because we got two.

Whenever I learn that a friend of mine is pregnant I rush out and buy her the Happiest Baby on the Block, the most useful parenting book I ever read. And as soon as her baby is born I buy her the best swaddling blanket I can get my hands on – big, stretchy, washable – so she can put what she learned in the book into practice.

Every parent and every child is different, so what was useful or useless to me might not have been for you. Do tell, what was the absolute best baby gift you ever got and what was the worst?

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