Mom Talk – What Diaper Bag?

Post by Jessica R.

This morning my best friend walked into Starbucks sporting a gorgeous brand new diaper bag. One that I’ve often coveted. OK, really, one that I dreamed of having, but never let myself buy because who really needs to spend over $100 on a diaper bag?

I looked down at my own $30 Target diaper bag, which doubles as laptop case when it’s not crammed full of a million different (mostly non baby related) odds and ends, and sighed. Maybe it would have nice to spend a few more dollars to got something I really loved instead of something that would just suffice.

Since I’d never been much of a purse person, it made sense that I wouldn’t be much of a diaper bag person either. I went for function and price over style. Something I thought made sense, especially considering for a bag that would get covered in grubby fingerprints, filled with crunched up Cheerios, and treated like a laundry bag.

But maybe I was wrong. Maybe moms who carry around fancy, stylish diaper bags with pride know something I don’t know.

So what’s the answer? Do you get a very high end, very fancy diaper bag and hope against hope that nothing gets spilled on it?

Coach Diaper Bag

Or do you get something affordable that looks OK and never worry about it?

skip Hop

Which bag did you get?

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3 Responses

  1. Carmen Bridges says:

    I have no problem buying a high end diaper bag! Sorry but I will not feel guilty about it! I am a mother of three and have a few. I actually have both, one not very expensive and one that was pricey but I will admit I purchased it at a discount price. There is absolutly nothing wrong wtih a mother feeling stylish and chic! I love carrying mine that I paid more money for the brand I have and I absolutley love it. I like to dress great and it compliments baby and me! Actually if you take pride in paying a little more for a great bag, you will find you are careful enough not to let it get as messy and dirty as well. Luckily now so many of them are actually made to wipe right off! I say go for it even if you ever only purchase one designer diaper bag! I have never regretted and feel great carrying it! Even my bigger children know to take care of the bag! Indulge a little and enjoy it!

  2. Stacey says:

    With two kids, I had a range of diaper bags. Don’t think I ever remember settling on one. The organization was the most important to me. Something with a light lining (so I could easily see what’s in it) and pockets. If you and your readers need a list of Diaper Bag Essentials, here it is: http://budurl.com/c9df

  3. Kelly says:


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