From vacations and new family additions to drastic haircuts, winning touchdowns and weekend outings, life calls for a lot of photo opportunities. And if you’re snap happy like me, you’ve probably got a ton of photos trapped in the confines of your computer, waiting to be set free! One of my favorite ways to make sure my memories remain unforgettable is to package them up in a stylish photo book. What are some of your favorite reasons for making a photo book?

Have you created or seen any especially unique photo books? What will your next photo book project be? You tell us!

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  1. Allison says:

    I like making photo books to be able to share my adventures with my family who doesn’t have access to the internet. My grandma likes to see my photos, but since I have them all online this is a fun way to share them with her and others. Plus, they are fun to make! I love all the creative options on My Canvas.

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